A library is a curated collection of different sources of information selected by experts. It provides physical or digital material and may be a physical location or virtual space, or both. The library intends to provide infinite information to students. The library runs various independent learning programs through the integration of resourceful information and technologies. This promotes qualitative development among the readers in the process of reading. Then the students will naturally develop an aesthetic sense of reading meanwhile it enriches students’ emotional, intellectual, rational, and linguistic growth.


  • To disseminate Farm science information resources to students, faculty, and Scientists on the campus
  • To provide, accurate and current information to users for the purpose of education, teaching, and research.
  • To provide information services in digital and printed resources to support the students
  • To facilitate the research learning, teaching, and administrative activities of the college by providing appropriate literary information in order to get benefit from the library.
  • To facilitate library services for individuals and group study in the appropriate and comfortable manner.
  • Working Hours

Library Working


Books Borrowing


Monday to saturday

9.00 a.m To 6.00 p.m

Monday to Friday

10 a.m To 4.00 p.m


9.00 a.m To 12.00 p.m


Not allowed


Library faculty:

Mrs. B. Bhavani Assistant Librarian
M. Aneel Kumar Librarian Assistant
P. Venkata Ramana Shelf Assistant

Sufficient books and other Reading Materials are available

  • Number of volumes: 2309
  • Number of Titles: 392
  • Issue books: 1725
  • Reference books: 392

Periodicals: Available

Research Journals: The library subscribes 10 national journals

Digital library facility is available with internet